Gelato courses have two important parts: a theoretical and a practical part. An artisan ice cream making course online is also included in good gelato making courses. Gelato Courses: How much can I learn?
Complete courses will teach you both artisan and industrial gelato making. Typically, students are required to be present for both the theoretical and practical parts of the course. If this is not possible, ice cream making online courses can be a viable option.

In this article you will learn:

Ever wondered what makes it so amazingly different from ice cream? How can it be so smooth and creamy, yet so easy on the stomach? You probably won’t find out the answer if you eat it as a weekend dessert.

It simply doesn’t offer the full sensory experience. And NO, the local gelato shop definitely won’t want to share the secret, or at least not all of it.

Gelato Courses: How much can I learn?

Gelato ice cream in an ice cream cone.

Gelato Courses

Obviously, you could check out the countless websites filled with hundreds, if not thousands of its recipes, but that also doesn’t paint the whole picture. You won’t feel the essence of gelato, know its intricate elements, how it’s prepared and the experience the passion that goes into every scoop.

To really learn how true it is made, you’ll have to take a course. A real course, from a reputable university. Yes, there are higher learning institutions specialized in gelato making and they offer an amazing variety of courses on Italian desserts.

You’ll find both courses for the amateur gelato maker, but also for the professional who wants to build a business.

Gelato Theoretical course

The first part covers the theoretical aspects of gelato making and will be divided into 4 parts. You will learn everything, the details, what makes it special when compared to ice cream, creating recipes and experimenting.

You will also learn how to start and run this type of business.

The basics – learning to differentiate

-Different ways of making ice cream: the false artisan or the professional

-the meaning of artisan ice cream: what’s the difference between commercial and gastronomic culture, the particular vs. the general

-]And the market ice cream shop vs. the industrial derivation ice cream shop – how Italian ice cream is represented in each field

– the impact of industrial brands in the gelato making tradition; how does it affect the artisan culture and the soul of the industry

Learning the details

– the basic chemistry and physics of gelato: ice, water, air, sweetness, acidity, and personality

– learning and studying the fundamental ingredients and their properties: natural products, compounds and aromatics

– working methods and application of different techniques: pasteurization, refrigeration, mixing
and aeration

– carbohydrates, sugars and proteins – an introduction to the main characteristics and properties

– industrial and semi-finished products, plus practical application in this industry

Learning to create

– understanding and balancing the recipes; interpreting the main types of ice cream, flavors and specific details of each variety; being creative with recipes, mixing, combining elements and adding new ingredients; following a pre-established program vs. creating a new one;

– studying basic recipes at a theoretical level

Learning to create and run a business

– tangible and intangible assets – knowing the difference and what it means for your business

– BEP – break even point – understand costs and income, knowing how to break even and grow

– profitability and temporality – understanding seasonality in the business, work on profit models, business planning and overall profitability of a shop

– sales strategies in the business, including advertising

– studying the resources required for business – machinery, equipment, mixtures and ingredients

– learning about commercial design, identity, decoration and brand creation

– studying multiple varieties and how they can be included in a business model: artisan gelateria, yogurteria, ice cream express, gelato food truck, UHT gelato, nitrogen gelato, soft gelato and many others

– long term development and growth; development of franchises; expanding regionally

-marketing the shop: digital marketing, social media marketing, fairs, contests, media, word of mouth and others

– commercial space and design, branding and overall brand image

– business models depending on the sector – case studies

– common mistakes to avoid in the business

Gelato Practical course

The second part focuses on the practical aspects of gelato making. Practical courses are extremely important in gelato training courses, they help people understand how it is made, how to use the equipment, how to distinguish flavors, textures and differentiate various recipes.

Also, a practical course will teach people how to experiment, be creative and understand the intricate qualities of gelato.

– Textures and flavors workshop 1 – a practical development and a sensory approach; usually, the course involves tasting multiple artisan gelato varieties (the most common flavors)

– Textures and flavors workshop 2 – sensory approach; the course will guide participants through multiple semi-manufactured and industrial gelato varieties

– Creative workshop 1 – students will receive guidance and assistance in creating their own gelato; recipes at students’ choice; learning about decoration and presentation

– Creative workshop 2 – students will be encouraged to experiment with multiple gelato varieties, learn details about complex recipes, decoration and presentation

Can I get Gelato maker certified?

At the end of the course, each student will usually receive a certificate of participation by the school, accredited by the Chamber of Commerce of Italy.

Typically, the gelato making classes are run by accredited schools and are very respected in Italy. Other items may be offered to participants, such as books, medals or recommendations.

Gelato Courses: How much can I learn?

Man making gelato ice cream.

Gelato Certified

Ice cream courses online

The internet is the first go to place if you want to learn how to make ice cream at home. Just a quick Google search will return hundreds of websites that offer ice cream courses online. Video courses, podcasts, articles and guides, both free or paid, are all just a click away.

There’s a wealth of resources available online for everyone trying to how to make gelato. But there’s a downside. While the online courses can teach you the theoretical aspect of ice cream making, they lack the practical aspect, which is very important in this profession.

Getting the hands-on experience of ice cream making requires a practical course, preferably under the guidance of a skilled ice cream maker. Unfortunately, even though some are excellent, an online ice cream course will never be able to provide you with the full ice cream making experience.

Other details on Gelato making courses (Advanced Gelato Making Courses)

If required, schools can also offer a technical accreditation for Craft Gelato Technician, awarded on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.

Similarly, advanced courses for master level professional gelato making are offered. These courses are geared at professionals who already work in the industry and want to hone their skills. Other related courses include frozen and semifreddo Italian cakes, modern pastry cuisine, and winter creations courses.

Learn how to make gelato professionally

How to make Gelato Professionally